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The Pocket Tv

Problem at hand

In this age of instant gratification, we have ceased to have needs or wants that have long term impacts. We have become rather impulsive in our demands, and as such it is not too uncommon to see people suddenly wish a most random stuff at any point of time. He may wish to watch a TV show while sitting in a Gondola in Venice, he may want to know where the nearest plumber is while trekking in the Alps, or he may even want to learn how to make a thermite launcher while sitting at the backyard of his home. Thanks to the advent of technology, most of this is possible. The internet can help you find the closest plumber, and provide you with a step by step guide to making a thermite launcher as well. However, what about watching a TV show while on the go? Is it possible? What if we told you that it is indeed possible, all you need is a smartphone, internet access and the right app that suits your taste. We would be discussing about 3 apps in this regard today, Hotstar, TV Portal and Showbox.


Let’s start with the basics

TV Streaming apps is the new hype in the digital world that gives you the power to see any of your favourite show any time as you may wish, and has its content redirected from multiple servers placed all over the world for a smooth experience. The streaming quality more often than not depends on the bandwidth, and sometimes on the network of the servers or the apps used in the first place.

How is it different from YouTube?

It is a streaming service, and the quality depends on the bandwidth. Does remind you of YouTube, right? However, there is a slight difference. YouTube can only show videos uploaded by other users, even the YouTube specific episodes are visible only because the user chose to upload it. Thus, if a new show or movie has copyrights, there is no way to legally watch it on YouTube. In the case of these TV Streaming apps, there is no scenario of anyone having to upload anything. Videos are made available by the service provider themselves, and more often than not, shows are added nearly as soon as it is aired. Movies are made available in the same fashion, but it depends from app to app, as to how many days they may need to make a movie available.

How is it different from Netflix?

If you talk about online watching of TV Shows and Movies, the one service provider that comes to mind is Netflix. But there is a massive difference. The change in the services being the factor of payment that creeps up in case of Netflix, but is predominantly missing in the TV Streaming Apps.

Detailed Analysis

You have heard enough about these type of apps, you now know the basic differences between them and the already present services, the advantages it has over them and so on and so forth. But you want to know more each of the apps now, the good, the bad and the ugly, right? Let’s dive into it then. We would take up one app at a time and discuss the pros and cons of each one of them.



Hotstar is the new comer in this group of apps that allow you to stream video content for free, like the shows and movies. And as a greenhorn, it has plenty up its sleeves. Which consists of shows that exclusively produced for the app, rights to broadcast live telecast of sports matches, film star tie ups and so on. The quality of the show is basically good, but is dependent on the bandwidth being used, and allows for the download of a few of the videos.The movies that are available are the ones that have been released quite a while back, so expect no recent banners in the app. The developers have stated that new content would be added every week, so that should help build the content for this app, which is otherwise a pretty good app with a rather modern look and feel to it. The main drawback of this app is its regional availability. Hotstar at present is active only in India, but you can use it in any country by changing the location settings of your device. The app can expect more developments, and has quite a lot of bugs in it now.

TV Portal

Akin to the above contender, TV Portal also helps you stream many shows and movies as and when you may please, however, this app is a kind of a demo which gives you access to stream unlimited videos for two days, and then it allows streaming only after 6 hours of waiting in the free version of the app. Also the library is in a list view, and isn’t really user-friendly in that manner. The quality is good enough for mobile viewing, however offline viewing is supported only for a few videos. Bandwidth affects the performance heavily.



The last, but definitely not the least entry in the list is Showbox, which is seemingly a hybrid of the above mentioned apps. It has a nice modern tiled interface that’s easy to use, and has a library that is updated daily. Yes, daily. The latest movies and shows are available in high quality for either online viewing, or to be downloaded directly to the local storage. It uses the data from, a site mainly used in Russia, where the people sometimes upload copyrighted materials which sometimes escape the eyes of the moderators, and thus remain there for a few days before being taken down, and this act is considered an act of piracy by Google Play, resulting in the app not being listed in the Play store. The iOS version is called Movie Box, and is used by many app and video enthusiasts. It is completely free, and is hosted on AWS servers. The stream may keep changing the source multiple times during viewing, however that is not a cause of worry to the consumers as the performance doesn’t go down while the data is skipped from server to server.


There are a bevy of choices to choose from, what matters is what you want. And depending on that very person, he may choose any the above mentioned apps. Showbox for us is the best app in this context.

Food, Which Is Cheap And Good!

Food, Which Is Cheap And Good!

A little hard to believe, right? Where do we get good food these days which is also cheap? It seems like a thing from past. But my dear friends, it is not. There are a few restaurants who serves good food which is actually not that much expensive. One of them is, Hometown Buffet. It is a buffet restaurant, as its name says. There are 300 locations available in the whole US, it’s spread all across the country. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, all week long, they have a huge list of dishes on their menu. And with so many desserts and sides and drinks are available all day. Sounds like a dream, but it is true.

Hometown Buffet Prices are some of the best. Breakfast and lunch cost less than 10$ and dinner doesn’t cost more than 13$. It is so cheap and so many options. From American classics to modern dishes, drinks to desserts, they have almost everything. And it’s Buffet, so you can go and fill your plate as many times as you want. They have specials on weekends too. You want to go out with your family, friends, girlfriend, anyone, it is a perfect place and has something for everyone. They even have special deals for children and elderly, means, more money saved. Their prices are different for different age group. For children under 2, it’s free, for 2-3, it’s 2.49$, for 4-7, 4.49$, for 8-11, 6.49$.


They have a wide variety of food on their menu, also they have something special every day. They also have some popular dishes which you can always eat; such as, Fresh made Marconi and Cheese,  Hand-Breaded Fried Chicken, Fried Fish, Baked Chicken, Baked Fish and many  more. Don’t forget the sides, Mashed Potatoes, Rice and Gravy, Fresh Vegetables, French Fries, Corn Bread Dressing and Two Home-Town Soup Favourites. They always have a wide selection of fresh ingredients so you can create your own salad. Taste there cakes and pies at any time during your meal and you sure will come back. If you want, You can make your own sundae too. Saturday and Sunday breakfast is special. It includes, eggs, pancakes, waffles, assorted pastries and more.

They have a special menu for customers with restrictive diets. It has Low Carb, Low Fat dishes and dishes for Diabetic people. If you are thinking this menu must be boring, then you’re wrong. It includes, meats. gravy and sauces, vegetables salads, salad dressings and condiments, and so much more.


This place is so amazing that you can’t just go there once, if you go once, you’ll always go back. Hungry? Want to eat outside? What could be better that Hometown Buffet!

Movietube Back On The Racks…

Movietube Back On The Racks…

Who doesn’t love to sit back, do nothing but watch all those enchanting movies that can make you cry, laugh, fall in love or inspire you to be a wizard or an avenger? The mere idea of watching some completely mesmerizing flicks without any interruptions is so appealing that many are even ready to sacrifice a good night’s sleep over them. But the keyword here is ‘without interruptions’. Interruptions like non-stop buffering or cash issues, even parents maybe. Some interruptions can be dealt best personally, but some need immediate attention and solution. This solution was given by one of the most common and famous Movie Viewer Application called MovieTube.


Movie Tube is one of those applications which make your dreams come true. Free movies in HD and not much buffering. However, due to some infringement issues the company, more like the application was sued by six major studios in mid-2015. This news did break many hearts. However, under less than a year, the site, and the application came back with all more movies and features.

The MovieTube App is the most recent version (though it was released before the shutdown of the application) and is considered to be very helpful. It allows the user to browse among’st a large variety of movies. These movies include almost all kind of genres and is available in many major languages. The good quality of movies is just another plus point.

Though many replacements came, MovieTube 4.4 still rule many hearts. The application is available for android as well as iOS. The application contains not only new releases but many classics and all time favorites also. The collection size is very much appreciable.


This application can be considered the ‘Google of movies’, the ultimate search engine. One of the main reasons being the reviews and other information like release dates and trailers that are added along with the movies. It makes browsing a lot more convenient and fun. You can even rate and comment on different movies making the search for many other users short and accurate. The application, despite facing many downfalls, stands strong and continues to serve people and make boring work days and lazy nights all more thrilling and interesting.


A Beginner’s Guide To Pompadour Fade Hairstyle

Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV had an unprecedented hairstyle. A kind which was quite posh and extravagant but unique at the same time. So much so that it became a conventional hairstyle for future centuries. It came to be known as pompadour fade hairstyle.  The basic nature of this hairstyle, is to sweep hair up wards from all sides and wear it over the forehead.

This hairstyle has a classic appeal. It is equally loveable for both men and women. It was particularly famous in the 1950s with legends like Elvis Presley, David Beckham and Bruno Mars portraying it.


Requirements for this hairstyle

However there are some basic requirements to portray this hairstyle. It isn’t feasible for all kinds of face-cut and all types of hair. A pompadour fade hairstyle should ideally start with a 1 to 1and a half clipper setting. It should be tapering towards the upward end. There should be at least 4 inches of long hair at the top of the head. It should have the ability to lay flat and can be easily back combed.

Procedure to achieve this hairstyle

The procedure is quite simple and hassle-free. Hair should be dried with a clean towel. Then slick back the hair from all sides with the help of high-hold water-based pomade. Then using a round brush back comb the hair forward and upward. This step should be done couple of times. Simultaneously the hair should be blow dried while you comb it. This should commence from the top of the head up to the hairline. The process is repeated until one achieves a 60 degree slant. A little to quarter amount of the water based pomade is applied at the top of the hair. All the while without dislocating or disrupting the shape acquired by combing & blow drying. A little dash of hairspray 10inches above the head, rounds it off with a bang.


Be cautious to use the blow dryer at high heat capacity.

In all probability this provides a beginner’s guide to pompadour fade hairstyle.



Facetime is a video calling product launched by Apple in June, 2010. Facetime works by connecting I phone 4 or a later version, I pod touch or later version or a Mac with OS X, to any other supporting device. Facetime is currently incompatible for non-apple devices.

In a fast moving world, facetime revolutionalized video calling by bringing people closer, no matter how far they are in terms of distance. Whether you want to attend an important meeting, give an interview, talk to our close ones or shopping for that someone special, facetime has made life easier on the go.

The Mac models launched in 2011 had option of facetime in HD, provided the other user also has an HD camera.

Unlike skype, a multi person video calling platform, facetime specializes in one to one calling.  Also, while on facetime, if you get any notifications such as emails, your call gets disrupted. This means that you cannot multi task while using facetime. Facetime calls are also protected by end to end encryption of the data, so that only the sender and the receiver can access the data, even apple cannot decrypt the data. Also, in Mac, a facetime call can come even when you are not available on facetime which means you do not have to worry about making yourself available or missing out on any calls.

Facetime, the native video calling app of apple, is a solid product, and has been polished to a shine, and is quickly becoming a generic word like Xerox.  You don’t just video call someone, you facetime them. Sadly, facetime for android is not available yet. On the bright side, there are quite a few alternatives of facetime for android users.

  • Google Hangouts: It is an out of the box alternative for facetime, which is Google’s service for both real time chat and video calling. The best part about this app is that it is massively cross platformed and is linked with your Google ID.
  • Skype: As mentioned earlier, skype is a great alternative for facetime, which provided multi person video chat. Skype’s services work in a bandwidth of situations and keep a constant monitor on the quality of the call you are currently on.
  • Viber: Started out as chat and audio app, viber quickly transitioned onto a video calling app. It serves as a solid alternative for existing platforms like facetime and skype. The best part about viber is its clean and intuitive design which was built by keeping your phone screen in mind.


  • Tango: Built of android phones initially, tango is also available for i OS and windows phones, which means that optimization is at its peak while using tango in android devices leading to smoother experience and better quality.
  • Oovoo: It is one the most robust video calling interface, which effortlessly supports calls of up to a dozen people. Their audio processing is excellent, with noise cancelling algorithms working on your signal to prevent too much static.

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