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Problem at hand

In this age of instant gratification, we have ceased to have needs or wants that have long term impacts. We have become rather impulsive in our demands, and as such it is not too uncommon to see people suddenly wish a most random stuff at any point of time. He may wish to watch a TV show while sitting in a Gondola in Venice, he may want to know where the nearest plumber is while trekking in the Alps, or he may even want to learn how to make a thermite launcher while sitting at the backyard of his home. Thanks to the advent of technology, most of this is possible. The internet can help you find the closest plumber, and provide you with a step by step guide to making a thermite launcher as well. However, what about watching a TV show while on the go? Is it possible? What if we told you that it is indeed possible, all you need is a smartphone, internet access and the right app that suits your taste. We would be discussing about 3 apps in this regard today, Hotstar, TV Portal and Showbox.


Let’s start with the basics

TV Streaming apps is the new hype in the digital world that gives you the power to see any of your favourite show any time as you may wish, and has its content redirected from multiple servers placed all over the world for a smooth experience. The streaming quality more often than not depends on the bandwidth, and sometimes on the network of the servers or the apps used in the first place.

How is it different from YouTube?

It is a streaming service, and the quality depends on the bandwidth. Does remind you of YouTube, right? However, there is a slight difference. YouTube can only show videos uploaded by other users, even the YouTube specific episodes are visible only because the user chose to upload it. Thus, if a new show or movie has copyrights, there is no way to legally watch it on YouTube. In the case of these TV Streaming apps, there is no scenario of anyone having to upload anything. Videos are made available by the service provider themselves, and more often than not, shows are added nearly as soon as it is aired. Movies are made available in the same fashion, but it depends from app to app, as to how many days they may need to make a movie available.

How is it different from Netflix?

If you talk about online watching of TV Shows and Movies, the one service provider that comes to mind is Netflix. But there is a massive difference. The change in the services being the factor of payment that creeps up in case of Netflix, but is predominantly missing in the TV Streaming Apps.

Detailed Analysis

You have heard enough about these type of apps, you now know the basic differences between them and the already present services, the advantages it has over them and so on and so forth. But you want to know more each of the apps now, the good, the bad and the ugly, right? Let’s dive into it then. We would take up one app at a time and discuss the pros and cons of each one of them.



Hotstar is the new comer in this group of apps that allow you to stream video content for free, like the shows and movies. And as a greenhorn, it has plenty up its sleeves. Which consists of shows that exclusively produced for the app, rights to broadcast live telecast of sports matches, film star tie ups and so on. The quality of the show is basically good, but is dependent on the bandwidth being used, and allows for the download of a few of the videos.The movies that are available are the ones that have been released quite a while back, so expect no recent banners in the app. The developers have stated that new content would be added every week, so that should help build the content for this app, which is otherwise a pretty good app with a rather modern look and feel to it. The main drawback of this app is its regional availability. Hotstar at present is active only in India, but you can use it in any country by changing the location settings of your device. The app can expect more developments, and has quite a lot of bugs in it now.

TV Portal

Akin to the above contender, TV Portal also helps you stream many shows and movies as and when you may please, however, this app is a kind of a demo which gives you access to stream unlimited videos for two days, and then it allows streaming only after 6 hours of waiting in the free version of the app. Also the library is in a list view, and isn’t really user-friendly in that manner. The quality is good enough for mobile viewing, however offline viewing is supported only for a few videos. Bandwidth affects the performance heavily.



The last, but definitely not the least entry in the list is Showbox, which is seemingly a hybrid of the above mentioned apps. It has a nice modern tiled interface that’s easy to use, and has a library that is updated daily. Yes, daily. The latest movies and shows are available in high quality for either online viewing, or to be downloaded directly to the local storage. It uses the data from, a site mainly used in Russia, where the people sometimes upload copyrighted materials which sometimes escape the eyes of the moderators, and thus remain there for a few days before being taken down, and this act is considered an act of piracy by Google Play, resulting in the app not being listed in the Play store. The iOS version is called Movie Box, and is used by many app and video enthusiasts. It is completely free, and is hosted on AWS servers. The stream may keep changing the source multiple times during viewing, however that is not a cause of worry to the consumers as the performance doesn’t go down while the data is skipped from server to server.


There are a bevy of choices to choose from, what matters is what you want. And depending on that very person, he may choose any the above mentioned apps. Showbox for us is the best app in this context.

Easy Wi-Fi Password Recovery

People are dependent on their wifi systems these days and when you forget the password to your wifi this becomes one of the most irritating things to deal with. While you have the option of calling the service provider over to rectify this, they often take a long time to come over and they also charge you a fee to do so. If you’re looking for a convenient and free way to crack your wifi password, then is one of the best websites to visit. This website enables you to login to your wifi without too much effort. It takes a few minutes for the hack to work and you’re good to go. wifi-password-hacker-1

The best part about is that it is a free website that offers a wide range of tools which can help you in various ways. The wifi passer is one of the best tools available on the website. This tool is free to use and requires no download of any sort. The best part about the website is that it works well on various devices and platforms which make it effective, convenient and easy.wifi-password-hacker

You don’t need to enter any of your personal details in order for the hack to work which makes it safe and effective. Since this is an online hack, it keeps your system safe and free from virus and Trojan attacks. Once you go to you will realize that their tools is not about robbing or hacking into someone’s privacy. Their team is extremely responsible with what they do. Their biggest aim is to find loopholes and weaknesses in a wifi network and providing solutions to rectify the same. These weaknesses can be exploited by someone with less than good intentions and your entire personal and professional life could be out in the open.

We take our wifi networks for granted. There are a number of things that we can do to secure our personal networks and the team at knows exactly what needs to be done to take care of the problem. There are quite a few remedies that are provided by the network engineers at Not a lot of people like it when they hear the word hack or password theft. However that is not what the team at is encouraging. They have a few guidelines that you must follow before using their tools. These guidelines are to safeguard everyone’s privacy and personal life.

How To Activate Windows 7 Without Product Key

How To Activate Windows 7 Without Product Key

It is quite justifiable to mention that computer has reached all nooks and corners of the world and people have adjusted their life according to the need of computer. Trailing this necessity is another thing – the soul of computer i.e. the Operating System. Operating System is the framework which keeps the computer running. And Microsoft Windows is synonymous among operating systems. They have already delivered some of the best versions of windows. Starting with the grand old Windows 95, then coming to 98 and then the prodigy Windows XP and after that windows 7.

Windows 7 came up with a lot of versions such as windows 7 premium, windows 7 professional, windows 7 starter etc. These versions were launched to cater to a large array of users. But users cannot afford the premium full version of windows 7. They end up installing the demo version which is devoid of an activation key. It may cause compatibility and upgradation issues. That is why windows 7 loader helps us to unlock it and make your product licensed.


Once you visit the site, you have to click on the click here tab and you will have the activator file in your system. Run the activator file as an administrator. After the entire process gets completed, restart your system. You will have Microsoft windows 7 licensed version in your system.

Make sure that you click on all the ‘click here’ tabs as you will get to know more about the different activators present for different versions of Windows 7. This is a very good advantage of activator that it is compatible with all the versions of Windows 7. These activators won’t disrupt any of your existing programs or corrupt them. This will occupy minimal space in your system and is completely free of malware.


The lucidly presented user interface makes it absolutely easy for the user to install it. The activator works in both online as well as offline mode. This will let the activator to run even if your system is not connected to the internet.Trusted sites offer authentic windows 7 activator. Once you visit the sites, they will provide you with the detailed steps about how to install the activator.

Search in google for all the sites that offer these activators. But please go through the site once to ascertain its authenticity. Few sites may provide malware which may cause damage to your operating system.

Amazing Mexico Wedding Photographers

Amazing Mexico Wedding Photographers

So you decided to have your wedding at the magnificent place that is Mexico. There are so many places to visit before, during and after your photo shoot. In all honesty, there are too many amazing places to choose from that you don’t really know the final venue of your photo shoot will be or even sometime your wedding itself. That’s why you need to hire professionals; they know each every stunning place to do photo shoots at.

We’re here to introduce to you one of the top mexico wedding photographer. Of course we are not limiting your choices in any way, if you don’t feel like hiring them then you should look for the next potential candidate online or you can ask referrals from your friends.


Moments that Matter Photography

Quite a long name, but that is the name of our potential wedding photographer’s studio. Other than the photo shoot itself, they also offer a wide array of choices concerning the venue. Some of the most famous resorts in Mexico are located at Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

Of course other than wedding, they also cater to just about any kind of photography need like family outings and events. Their main goal is to capture and create an image or a scene so beautiful that you can help but look at the photo from time to time.


You can visit their website to know more about their team and how each came to be. If you’re interested in hiring them then keep in mind that they need a signed contract alongside a deposit in order to reserve a date; the date’s availability is also subjective since they can’t cater your event if another has already booked that date. For a hassle free payment, they highly recommend payment via PayPal.

A Deeper Insight Into Working Of Detective Agencies!

A Deeper Insight Into Working Of Detective Agencies!

There is always a certain kind of mystery around the work of detectives and detective agencies. Thanks to books like Sidney Sheldon, Sherlock Holmes and sci-fi movies, which have led to the formation of stereotypical images of a detective sitting in desolated offices, smoking around and wandering from one place to another in search of trail and evidences. However, there is a lot more to do in the lives of a professional detective.

In the past decade, detective agencies have seem to grow in numbers especially in the metropolitan cities. A detective agency is basically an organisation whose work is to provide accurate and reliable information to people who are in need of private investigation.

What does a detective do?

Generally speaking, the task of a private or an agency investigator is to find the proof of any wrong doing or gather accurate information about any source  or simply collect evidences about an event.


Detective Services

The different Kinds of detective services provided by detective agencies are as follows:

  • Criminal and Cyber security
  • Pre and post marital checks
  • Evidence collection for a theft, loot or burglary
  • Background Company Checks
  • Handwriting and Signature authentication
  • Wealth and Video Monitoring

How can you become a detective?

  • The educational qualification for taking up and making a career in private investigation varies greatly with the kind of job and stream involved.
  • A bachelors degree of 3 to 4 years in criminal justice or police science is must for people aspiring to be criminal detectives. Apart from that diploma courses in criminology, cyber security can also be considered.
  • A regular degree in finance, accounts and banking is considered mandatory for corporate detectives while computer science professionals and IT experts are considered suitable for Cyber Crime detectives, as they need to be aware of all latest IT technologies.


Key skills required in order to be a detective

  • Good communication skills
  • Inquisitive mind and good concentration skills
  • Presence of mind
  • Patience
  • Resourcefulness
  • The quality to observe things keenly.


Hence, due to varied services that have come up in field of investigation,
has gained business and reputation in the recent years. Their emergence has opened vast career opportunities in the field of investigation and owing to their rapid growth; it would not wrong to say that professional investigation would become a full-fledged profession of people in coming days.

The Perfect Gliders For Nursing

The Perfect Gliders For Nursing

Nursery gliders or nursing chairs have been around for decades now. Due to the increasing health issues faced by mothers and infants, the best nursery glider chairs has gained popularity. These glider chairs are extremely efficient as far as comforting the mother and child is concerned. Nursing chairs have moved ahead with times and has now come up with many features that help provide maximum comfort to the mother and the baby. Some of the advantages of the best nursery glider chair include:

Feeding Position


Selecting a feeding position for the baby can be one of the trickiest and the most difficult decisions for a mother to make. Most children usually stick to one position and never let go irrespective of how comfortable the mother is. With the best nursery glider chair, mothers can establish the perfect feeding position with their child. The chair provides the best possible support whenever it is needed and ensures the comfort level of the child and the mother is maintained.

Soothing Motion

The best nursery glider chair has a nice gliding motion similar to that of a rocking chair. This motion helps calm the mother and child and even gets them to sleep without too much difficulty.


Comfort Level

The best nursery glider chair is usually lower than a normal chair which allows a mother extra flexibility while feeding her child. This extra flexibility is useful in the initial days of feeding when the mother is trying to decide the best feeding position. Most mothers find it extremely difficult to sit and stand after giving birth. Since these glider chairs are lower, it makes it easier for mothers to get up without disturbing the child as well.

With so many advantages, it is best advisable to get the best nursery glider for your wife and new born child.

Get The Best Produce With Sun Basket

Get The Best Produce With Sun Basket

The options for home delivery and shopping for food from your home has changed the way we look at or perceive shopping. With the advent of companies like sun basket that offer a vast range of foods at affordable prices has made the lives of everyone a lot easier. Sun basket offers the convenience of offering a complete meal at your door step without the hassle of walking through a super market and picking out the ingredients yourself.


Sun basket was founded in 2004 and covers almost 34 states across the United States. They offer various packages such as a meal for two or three depending on your requirement. Sun basket also takes away the stress of what to cook on a daily basis. Cooking is usually a four step process. First the choices of the diners are taken into consideration, then the ingredients are checked based on the eating preferences, then a trip to the super market or the convenience store is needed and lastly the meal is cooked. Sun basket offers a meal in a box. There is no need to go around looking for individual ingredients when sun basket does most of the work for you.


Most of the people that have used sun basket have found the services and the quality of food to be excellent. The best part about sun basket is they use only organic and non GMO products certified by the USDA. If you thought they provide only lunch or dinner options then you are wrong. Their range of breakfast in a box is also extremely tempting and nutritious. There is vegetarian, gluten free and Paleo options as well for people who prefer it. All of the food offered by sun basket is healthy and organic.

Boot Camp, Thailand In Style

Boot Camp, Thailand In Style

When you hear the phrase, boot camp Thailand, you can’t help but think about all the rigorous exercises in a boring environment where you can’t really enjoy anything. But what you don’t know is that there are actually a few weight loss boot camps in Thailand that also offer a lush life for their participants. You now have the option to achieve the body and level of fitness that you’ve always wanted without the unattractive view of a gym or just about any closed space used for exercise.

But do keep in mind that you’re going to enrol a weight loss program in order to lose weight; there will be a lot of exercises and food restrictions, not just sightseeing. Yes, it will be difficult at time and you may want to give up, so if you’re not highly determined then we suggest that you thoroughly think about it first.


Chiva Som

Chiva Som is located at Hua Hin, it’s one of the best options of you aim to lose some weight while you stay at their grand resort. Their weight loss programs usually last from 5 to 14 days. Participants are sure to receive their very own health and wellness consultation, training, nutritional consolations and other therapies like massages and even massage therapies.


Here’s an overview of what typically goes on your boot camp; diets, various exercises, activities, proper rest and relaxation and even help for your entire lifestyle transformation. Don’t worry, because all their staff and trainers are experts. Their overall staff include doctors for consultation, fitness instructors, spa therapists, nutritionists and multiple alternative health practitioners. Basically, the aim of their Fitness Retreat is to nurture your body until you fully achieve your fitness goal; that’s why they have a huge variety of therapies and exercises to suit your needs.

Play Soccer All You Want Through Fun88

Play Soccer All You Want Through Fun88

These days, there are a lot of people who love playing the sports they love in the virtual world. This is one way of entertaining themselves when they do not have something to do. One of the famous sports that are played by many people in the online world is soccer. In relation to this, one excellent online portal where you can play soccer is the Fun88. The truth is, this website is not only for playing soccer, but also for sports betting and even for online casino games. Meaning to say, if you want to bet for soccer games, then this is the best website to visit with.

Fun88 is actually an online gaming firm that is serving the entire Asia. Meaning to say, it is available in a lot of Asian countries such as Thailand. The website is available in multi languages, so there is no need for you to worry in understanding its contents. The soccer games features by this online gaming website are available in several activities that you will love to do like the ones listed below:


Sports Betting

Yes, when you play sports betting with this website, you can be able to access the soccer games that will allow you to bet any amount you want. Because you can bet however, you still need to register your own account. After that, you can already have a full access of the website. You should also make sure that you are living in a country where Fun88 is available. Needless to say, you can never bet without your money, so make sure that you have deposited in your account the required amount. After that, you can already bet all you want for a number of sports games like soccer.

Online Casino

Through the website, you can also play some online casino games and these feature some soccer-related online casino games. In other words, you will definitely spoil yourself with soccer if you really love this sport. Apart from soccer-related online casino games, you can also play with some other games that you want. You just have to choose what you want, and enjoy the game whenever you want to. This is one reason why there are lots of casino enthusiasts in Asia who are playing in this particular site.



One other offering of the site is the lottery game. The lottery games offered by Fun88 will also have something to do with soccer and some other sports. There are already a number of loyal members who have enjoyed the lottery games offered by this site. If you want to experience these lottery games like them, then it is time for you to register your own account in Fun88.


Slots games with soccer and some other sports can also be enjoyed in this website. There are lots of people out there who prefer playing slot games rather playing some other online casino games and those games that are offered in sports betting activities.

The Fun88 online portal was actually founded way back in the year 2008. And from that they on, it has been providing great enjoyments to site’s loyal members and customers.

Things That I Need To Know About A Debt Collector

Are you behind on your payments and rent? Do you have the pressure of a huge debt on your head that you took during some emergency and don’t have the money to pay back right now and are fearing the debt collectors call any day? Then we might be able to help you by telling you what to do. Well there are some ways in which you can keep away the problem temporarily and it might not sound like a proper solution but it definitely is a solution. article-fair-debt-collection-5125

Let me first tell you that not paying your debt is not a criminal offence in countries like USA and the UK. Once you are nearing the date of your payment you will receive some notices to your number, email or address about the payment but the approach changes once you cross the date. Then they pick up a more aggressive approach to get the money out of you. They first send their own agents and they might scare you and if they don’t intimidate you then they will pass on the case to someone who is known as the debt collector.

WHO IS A DEBT COLLECTOR?debt-collector

Well a debt collector is a company or an organization that takes up a case of a default debtor from that of a creditor company and mostly they have contacts in between them. Well they earn by taking a price from the debt amount that the debtor ends up paying and this normally depends on the amount of day’s required and other details like number of calls made, etcetera. This value normally varies from 10% to 50% of the debt amount.

The debt collector needs to follow certain laws when they go about their procedure like:

  • The debt collector cannot call the person before 8 AM and after 9 PM.
  • The debt collector cannot use abusive language or threaten the debtor.
  • The debt collector cannot contact the debtor when asked not to.
  • The debt collector cannot call or approach the debtor at his or her workplace.
  • The debt collector cannot pretend to be a judicial official or someone else.
  • The debt collector will have to go through the debtor’s lawyer if he or she has one.
  • The debt collector cannot threaten to take action unless he intends to.
  • The debt collector cannot threaten to sue unless he intends to.


Well there are ways which you can use so that you can delay the process by some days. You should also know that most states in America allows the validity of a debt for only a certain amount of months and after that the debt doesn’t exist anymore. This time period can be 3 months or even 10 months. The debtor can call you to inform you about the payment and the debtor is supposed to send you a letter with the details of your debt. You could always deny that you have any debt which would lead to a verification process and this takes about four weeks. You could even hire a lawyer as a debtor with lawyer is generally avoided and they mostly go for the people who are not represented because they are not aware of the laws.

Hair Follicle Drug Test – Accurate And Reliable

Hair Follicle Drug Test – Accurate And Reliable

Most of the organizations or companies before employing or offering job to a person, take Hair follicle drug test to make sure that the person working under their company is not using or addicted to any type of drug. Hair follicle drug test is very popular in United States of America and one of the most difficult tests to pass.

From the term hair follicle drug test, it could be easily understand that the use of drug by the person could be easily identifiable through his hair. Rather than taking test on urine or blood, the hair used because hair grows on our body lasts long where as urine or blood is constantly renewed.



Yes, it is almost 99% accurate, giving in detail about how many days before and what type of drug consumed. Most of the industries prefer this test rather than other due to the accurate result it gives. Every half-inch of the hair has 30 days of information.

The drugs that could be identified through the hair follicle drug test are the Heroine, Morphine, Cocaine, Ecstasy and Marijuana. People often think that hair follicle drug test couldn’t identify the use of drug Marijuana; May be it is true in some cases but not always. This test could find any type of drug used within 90 days.


There is no solution to this. Many people shave off their body hair to pass the test, No hair means no test. If you shave hair of your head, the laboratories often ask body hair to take the test, but it may not seen in the test whether you have consumed the drug before a test.

You could try shampoos and homemade remedies to pass the hair follicle drug test. Some people use this as an alternative method to pass the test.


You will find different types of shampoos available online to help you pass the hair follicle drug test. Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo is the best option considered to pass this test. This shampoo gets inside your head and removes the drug toxins. There are not many shampoos for this, but you could try this shampoo to try your luck. Other detox shampoos are Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo, Clear Choice Shampoo, Nutrition Stat Hair Detox Shampoo and Toxin Wash Detox Shampoo.



Even though many detox products for passing this test are available, but you could also try homemade remedies as an alternative to pass the test. Not sure enough, but consumption of poppy-seed pastries considered as the effective method for the false result. You could read more about the research and studies made on the use of poppy-seed pastries as a method to pass the test.

In order to make sure whether your hair follicle drug test is going to detect the drug used, you must test yourself at home before. Hair confirm and Psychemedics are the most popular in at home hair drug test kits. With home kit test, make sure and remove your confusion and fear. Try your luck to pass the hair follicle drug test through other alternative methods.

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